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New Chairperson Appointed to the AABC

Manangarrararben man, Julius Kernan has been elected as Chairperson of the Arnhem Aboriginal Business Council (AABC).

Mr. Kernan currently sits as Chairperson of the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation in Maningrida and is successor to outgoing Chairperson Mr Graham Maymuru.

AABC welcomes Julius’ appointment as he brings a wealth of governance knowledge to the Board as an experienced leader in justice advocacy and a cultural consultant with BAC. He also holds a councillor position with the West Arnhem Regional Council.

Julius is equally excited to step into the role and says education is key to learning how to protect our rights to land, country, and customary law.

“I am honoured to represent the seven regions in AABC. This is a big role and it’s good to be involved in creating new projects and policy and long-term changes for our countrymen and inspire the emerging leaders.”

“The AABC is a platform for all of our regions to become a united voice and advocate for better outcomes for our communities and our countrymen in all areas of community services, infrastructure and rights for our people”

The AABC Management Committee would like to thank outgoing Chairperson Graham Maymuru for his strong contribution in leading the AABC’s strategic direction and advising our member businesses to influence industry.

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1 Comment

Maurisa Scott
Maurisa Scott
Dec 15, 2023

I am proud of my husband Julius Clint go for it

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