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AABC Management Committee Appoints new Chairperson

The AABC held their Annual General Meeting this month where they elected Katerina Bara from Groote Eylandt & Bickerton Island Enterprises (GEBIE) as their new Chairperson. Ms Bara served as Deputy Chairperson of GEBIE since 2019, following a decade-long tenure as a Director on the Board. Her journey is marked by her dedication to community service and her remarkable leadership in various capacities.

Her governance skills began at the grass roots level where she worked in the East Arnhem Regional Council as a liaison officer and as a Centrelink agent before pursuing her passion for land management and becoming a team leader GEMCO/South 32.

As a respected member of the Anindilyakwa people, she brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to empowering Aboriginal businesses and Communities.

“I nominated for the position to challenge myself and because I think the AABC is good way to unify Aboriginal businesses in Arnhem Land and advocate for what’s in our best interests. Having the AABC body means we can have a stronger voice to advocate for our communities in all areas from health, education, infrastructure, and employment. Our businesses are all seeking the same purpose which is to overcome disadvantage and create jobs and an economy in the long run for Aboriginal people.”

“A key focus for me is to advocate for an immediate improvement on housing shortages across Arnhem Land. The AABC can advocate collectively and help put our smaller communities on the map. It’s important that Government will listen to us and help us achieve our goals."

The AABC aims to create a prosperous and thriving economic environment in Arnhem Land, the Gove Peninsula and the Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island areas by promoting collaborative and effective trade, serving as a collective voice for Aboriginal businesses, and operating socially responsible and sustainable enterprises. The AABC strives to enhance the economy, create local indigenous employment, and provide training and skills opportunities.

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